September 18, 2018 – More Good Movement and Change: Radical Shift to Freedom

thunderstorm-3625405_640Today’s most radical aspect : MARS SQUARE URANUS, takes place in fixed signs. Mars in fixed air, square Uranus in fixed earth. The two most volatile, movement and change oriented planets are in relationship and actively working, with tension. Tension is not always bad, and when two radically moving planets are involved the SQUARE can even provide stability. The work itself, can provide stability in a rapidly changing world.

[9:54 am pdt/ 10:54 am mdt/ 11:54 am cdt/ 12:54 pm edt] is a river that moves from inside to the divine and back. It is a flow of energy and fluidity is its provision.

: exact time: [4:01 pm pdt/ 5:01 pm mdt/ 6:01 pm cdt/ 7:01 pm edt] is a calculated moment in time–to be paying attention and listening. Calculated (by the divine or invisible forces).  light-bulb-2577139_640Squares require work, they require responsiveness, attention and responsibility for the revolutions in our hands. We are holding the delicate interconnected threads of change and they are weaving amidst us. What role do WE play in the GREAT SHIFT afoot?

[6:03 pm pdt/ 7:03 pm mdt/ 8:03 pm cdt/ 9:03 pm edt] is an earthy alignment with our power here. So frequently we, people, FEAR power, our own and others’ so these moments of moon (intimate personal touching) of POWER, we can observe how we hold our own power. Can we hold it with grace, expectancy, for all good to occur, and focus on what is required by the fabric of life in each moment–we all know this–what is required. We know when things need to be remedied or taken care of, its before us, when its ours.

light-bulb-1407610_640MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [8:25 pm pdt/ 9:25 pm mdt/ 10:25 pm cdt/ 11:25 pm edt] is a gift from the light-up-ones. Anyone capable of “lighting up,” the life of another might participate. The evening is filled with light and expansion of the good. Jupiter is a good-bringer and a lighter upper.

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