September 17, 2018 – Practical Grace

hands-600497_640MOON is in most practical Capricorn, entering at [4:07 am pdt/ 5:07 am mdt/ 6:07 am cdt/ 7:07 am edt] from the VOID between fiery sag and earthy cap.

MOON TRINE URANUS [7:57 am pdt/ 8:57 am mdt/ 9:57 am cdt/ 10:57 am edt] in an earth-fully supported day, offers the magic, the other-worldly crossings, and the miracles that come out of the blue and green.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURNsunrise-1756274_640in its home sign, [9:25 am pdt/ 10:25 am mdt/ 11:25 am cdt/ 12:25 pm edt] really is all the crossed t’s and dotted i’s you’ll ever need.

[3:03 pm pdt/ 4:03 pm mdt/ 5:03 pm cdt/ 6:03 pm edt] equips all of life today with grace, for giving and receiving. Venus has pretty colors, and good food all at once!

sunset-1112659_640Tomorrow features a WILD SQUARE related to action, breakthrough and freedom!
Uranus Square Mars (tomorrow) is already causing electricity in our field and its also prone to cause anxiety so finding soothing things to give and receive ourselves and others is helpful in the wild times! The best way to approach wild uranian energy is with authenticity and humor, presence and attention to the changes taking place.
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: Whenever there’s a big shock, or disruption, like recently, it often throws me off the astrology blog for a few days or more! This time too. I’m back though–back to balance, though in a hotel with Blue Jesus, I’m able to work and re-organize the stuff from the chaos of being tossed on a road. The way the eviction was done reveals the retialatory nature of the eviction, as I caught the landlady in some lying, and have proof and she’s extremely retaliatory about it. I didn’t mean to accidentally fall into her situation of dishonesty and abuse of the landlord-tenant situation to continue to rent a house that may be condemned and possibly should have been a long time ago for the health and safety of people. The wolves and I tend to stumble into situations where clearing or justice is needed. It has been something we provide. I’m grateful to return to the blog! I’ll be releasing my scheduler to schedule readings soon–I’m in the midst of working on that! And the Simple Astrologers Practitioners course is delayed and still coming–exciting developments there! Much Love from all of us!
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