September 15, 2018 – Fire Phoenix

MOON is in Sagittarius this weekend, at the crest of the dark to light lunar cycle crossing point. (First quarter moon is Sunday evening): lifting into the light side of the lunar cycle following the transformational shadow purge eclipse phase just before this new moon and cycle, now growing toward the light from deepest of roots and core.

This rising opening MOON is SQUARE NEPTUNE all day; providing inner work, work on our core and moonly home; nurturing the great work before us. Squares always ask us to work. The areas of Neptune are spiritual practice places. Exact time of aspect is [10:12 pm pdt/ 11:12 pm mdt/ 12:12 am late night cdt/1:12 am edt]

Empowering our communications and challenging our ability to be soulful; MERCURY TRINES PLUTO [7:54 pm pdt/ 8:54 pm mdt/ 9:54 pm cdt/ 10:54 pm edt]

The energies and aspects of the weekend support creativity, flight, renewal and inner genius🎋

. . .

Authors Notes: we are humbled and moved by all the happenings ; it’s really an incredible time of challenges and overcoming them. Both parts of that are stunning and incredible! The challenges call forth inner resources and responses that are rich in scope and impact. Sorry to be a little vague in the rich story! It’s coming when it’s ready filled with color and characters, dark light and in between. The hardest part is sometimes things happen too quickly to even ask for help! Or share with supporters what is happening!! We need financial support at this time to continue and we can’t wait to share details. Holding our tongues for gorgeous unfolding!