August 31, 2018 – Harmony on the last day of August

stones-167089_640MOON TRINE SUN (Taurus to  Virgo)–in the earthy grand trine may feel like a welcome relief energetically after yesterday’s MARS SQUARE.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 am cdt/ 1:33 am edt] adds sweetness and fluidity to the earthy trine. Its a day to unwind the drama of the eclipses of the last few months.
. . . . . . . . . .
Author’s Note: I missed yesterday in blog-writing! I was so upset about the landlord situation yet again. I could hardly move all day and felt like surrendering to the cosmic re-assimilation team. We have had some somewhat good news in our ability to have more time to move. (we think)–its a little bit hard to tell what is happening over here, however there is a team of helpers, “ready for anything,” camped here now, waiting for action. I feel so supported by this team of helpers–its the first time I’ve had that–hallelujah! With the added chaos I’m behind on creating another spot for wolf updates and that website. The court papers take SO MUCH time and energy and the conflict and lies, attacks, character assasination, and slander behavior on the part of the landlord is also life-force-taking. I’m doing my best not to act in response, at the low levels being sent toward me. So far that is working. Humility has always been a key to eclipse drama’s and still is.

We appreciate donations to feed both pack one and pack two. You can purchase bags of dogfood by phone at Tullivers in Santa Fe, for pack two. You can buy digital gift certificates to Tractor Supply to help feed pack one in Pagosa Springs. or make donations here:

August 29, 2018 – Power Work, Communications Work

niagara-falls-218591_640MERCURY INCONJUNCT PLUTO [8:39 pm pdt/ 9:39 pm mdt/ 10:39 pm cdt/ 11:39 pm edt] communications and power. working it out.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [9:54 pm pdt/ 10:54 pm mdt/ 11:54 pm cdt/ 12:54 am edt] corner out of comfort zone. Intelligence comes from all corners of life.

MOON TRINE MERCURY fantasy-3186483_640[10:02 pm pdt/ 11:02 pm mdt/ 12:02 pm cdt/ 1:02 pm edt] communications is often key, and so it is again, communications is the gift and the key today. Communicate with precision, intelligence and care, and all can go constructively.

. . . . .
chess-316658_640Author’s Note: We are hanging waiting for a judge to make a decision, affecting how much time we will have to move for pack one. The house is contaminated with high levels of green mold and its affecting all of our health–we all–those living indoors, have to do intensive mold purification, animals included and even three cats, will need mold cleansing. Spores love warm moist dark places and that is exactly what all of our bodies are!  These intense transitions, especially when there are court documents involved, usually cause us both, Darrein in charge of pack two and myself, to get behind on dogfood money. This happens because so much time goes into preparing and writing court documents and counseling on how to navigate the current changes and daily happenings.

August 28, 2018 – Water to Fire, waning bright moon in eclipse portal, coming down

MOON SEXTILE MARS [6:54 am pdt] is an activator first thing in the morning, sending Moon into the VOID between water and fire, for just a short time,

fire-and-water-2354583_640til MOON enters Aries [9:35 am pdt/ 10:35 am mdt/ 11:35 am cdt/ 12:35 pm edt]

MOON SQUARE SATURN [2:37 pm pdt/ 3:37 pm mdt/ 4:37 pm cdt/ 5:37 pm edt] is a corner of responsibility and next steps toward completion of all things heading toward completion.

Tomorrow is a Mercury Pluto day, related to money and power, deep soul-feelings and solutions to deep problems at hand.

August 27, 2018 – Water Day, MARS STATIONARY DIRECT, Good Luck in midst of confusion

air-bubbles-230014_640MOON is in water pisces CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [5:04 am pdt/ 6:04 am mdt/ 7:04 am cdt/ 8:04 am edt] this starts our WATER DAY. 🙂

MARS is STATIONARY DIRECT today [7:05 am pdt/ 8:05 am mdt/ 9:05 am cdt/ 10:05 am edt] . . . when planets change directions, its often wacky, weird and sometimes wonderful as long as we can let go of the “normal things,” and go with some multi-dimensional-revelatory flow of changes. levitation-1269396_640
MOON TRINE JUPITER [7:25 am pdt/ 8:25 am mdt/ 9:25 am cdt/ 10:25 am edt] is a good luck aspect, this water, abundance, flow, connection, intimacy, feeling, fluid divine touches our human form.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [12:15 pm pdt/ 1:15 pm mdt/ 2:15 pm cdt/ 3:15 pm edt] is a power point of self-chosen-boundary, or self-chosen-power-expression, self-chosen death’s let go’s releases, and powerful steadfast motions.

May we be flexible, listen, and act in our own and the whole of the planet’s best interest.

. . . . . . . . . . . 

Author’s Note:
Donations for the wolf pack at this time are really appreciated!

Astrology School is starting soon! Sign up now!


August 26, 2018 – Enema-Like-Full Moon Morning – Cosmic Shift Afternoon

black-hole-92358_640MOON was VOID all day saturday/yesterday, entering pisces late last night, the sign of the FULL MOON. This FULL MOON, though being another fruition and “light up point,” in the shadow clearing eclipse portal, it is a powerful FULL MOON for cleansing of all kinds, on all levels, all dimensions, the most thorough cleansing you can imagine! (is a good idea at this time)–especially as we peakfull-moon-2698762_640 (1)with the FULL MOON, this morning Sunday morning [4:56 am pdt/ 5:56 am mdt/ 6:56 am cdt/ 7:56 am edt].

This FULL MOON in Pisces has special powers! 

MOON SEXTILE URANUS just before the moon is full, {3:22 am pdt/ 4:22 am mdt/ 5:22 am cdt/ 6:22 am edt] this is ushering from us, our highest most inventive and imaginative good story visions! What would we most love to experience in life, what does it look like, feel like, . . . envision, envision, while clearing everything! (making the way for the vision).

landscapes-1750128_640MOON SEXTILE SATURN [3:49 am pdt/ 4:49 pm mdt/ 5:49 pm cdt/ 6:49 pm edt] is an extra superpower addition to this full moon, that adds completion to old karma’s and its a final completion. Tired of suffering in our own private personal way, its time to release, complete and do this work one final time, before manifesting a more passionate vision of our chosen tomorrow.

VENUS SQUARE PLUTO on this FULL MOON day adds drama and a powerful corner of cosmic change. [12:21 pm pdt/ 1:21 pm mdt/ 2:21 pm cdt/ 3:21 pm edt] our work is creative and intimate, drawing from our essence, our dreams and desires, and our fanciful imagination.

meadow-2401911_640 (1)
MERCURY INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [5:29 pm pdt/ 6:29 pm mdt/ 7:29 pm cdt/ 8:29 pm edt] reminds us that shadow clearing, transformation, even turning from a caterpillar to a butterfly, has its messy moments. May we be gentle on and with each other in this penetratingly powerful sensitive time of radical change!

IMG_3092Author’s Note: 
In spite of all the powerful changes going on with the wolf pack work, we are starting Astrology School once again this fall! We will be offering 8 week courses called “Simple Practical Astrology Course.” This course will be for practitioners who want to utilize astrology with their clients, or for people on a spiritual path of self learning who can use these tools for self awareness through time, as well as for advanced time management and planning skills. And by some incredible earthy power, I’m doing powerful readings at this time. The eclipse though strange and weird, makes for powerful readings at a powerful time! A good way to use the energy well!