August 25, 2018 – MOON VOID all day – Grand Trining Sun – Lighting Up Changes in the Physical World

wormhole-2514312_640MOON is in the VOID today between Aquarius and Pisces. Its a community-minded day, and we may be heading toward “spiritual community.” This desire for “spiritual community,” may be a deep longing in some people and we are on the threshold of the time for these communities to start manifesting now. (for a larger number of people–for our wellbeing).

SUN TRINE URANUSlightning-962789_640 [9:38 am pdt/ 10:38 am mdt/ 11:38 am cdt/ 12:38 pm edt] is a creative allyship between our light and expression and the planet of breakthrough and revolution–Uranus. This is one side of the Grand Trine today.

SUN TRINE SATURN [3:07 pm pdt/ 4:07 pm mdt/ 5:07 pm cdt/ 6:07 pm edt] is a responsible, “taking care of things,” link between the responsible planet–Saturn, and the thriving alive shining planet, our SUN, life-source. This is another side of the Grand Trine.

watercolor-3173964_640MOON into Pisces from earth to water–departing the strange void of today. [10:32 pm pdt/ 11:32 pm mdt/ 12:32 am late night cdt/ 1:32 am late night edt]

. . . .
Author’s Note;
Apologies for the weird date mistakes happening in the blogging system lately! (for those who receive it by e-mail!) There’s been a few day’s sent the following day, and like today, yesterday’s sent today and today’s glitched out and didn’t go up. I’m working in the bowels of the system, this week, clearing out the bugs and butts! This is a very intense time for me, of spiritual focus, as the eclipse on my sun that happened at the new moon, in Leo, is a “death,” energy, so I feel the mold counts being 10 x higher inside the house, than outside (high counts)–of mostly penicillin–funny enough–which is supposedly the most common one around–however not so great for anyone to breathe like this cause we don’t need to be petry dishes!

So prayers please!! : for all of us in pack one: while we locate a fast place to go. We have had opportunities. There is one place we may still move to, that is an opportunity waiting for some variable solutions. (with the cabin to rent out). I thought it was for sure, but now its uncertain–yet still a possibility.

Pack two: There’s a big property that will be an eco-community with wolves where pack two is planning to go any day now–this is a back-up option for us if our property with the cabin doesn’t work out. These days we have to be prepared for “anything.”