August 21, 2018 – Responsibilities with Solutions

dogs-1246588_640 (1)MOON is in responsible grounded Capricorn, TRINE URANUS in Taurus. Its an earthy trine with Uranian zippiness. [2:01 am pdt]

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [2:33 am pdt] for more earthy responsibility.

SUN INCONJUNCT MARS is awkward, can be irritated, can feel sideways. Right actions in creative areas, can be strange and wonderful and weird: as mercury is coming out of retrograde (already direct, however still unwinding all the retro-degrees), as it crosses back over them. Its always good to move toward our clear intent, the light and even with things in the way, we can take action and clear the way.

May the energies conspire for our joy in all the most mysterious ways today!

Author’s Note:¬†Pack two is about to be rescued! They have been in a dusty new mexico location, wanting to leave sooner, and have had to wait for community and helpers to create a location and plan a transport. It has happened! There are amazing helpers who have stepped in to create a safe place and transport for pack two! Its very exciting because it looks like it will be a whole eco-community with the wolves being respected and allowed. This also in S. Colorado. Pack one really needs your help. We have to pay mold people for the legal process because the landlady is trying to hide mold. We are surprised that people will threaten the biological safety of others for the almighty dollar. I was willing to help with mold remediation, and instead she prefer’s to hide it and evict me immediately. We have a place to go on Sept 1 for pack one, we need support for moving costs too! We are in urgent need of funds TODAY. Please contribute if you can!¬†