unicorn-2055744_640JUPITER TRINE NEPTUNE [12:44 am pdt/ 1:44 am mdt/ 2:44 am cdt/ 3:44 am edt] New Age Surf Board, and don’t forget how magical today can be–or this aspect–to literally envision or imagine yourself and your life into existence, the next phase. Its like the book “The Secret,” all powered into one day. (and the days surrounding). Not that an uplifting aspect like this doesn’t have a shadow side! Sometimes bringing in a bunch of light shows some dark corners off! Fluids and water will also be up for being seen and heard.

THIS TRINEfantasy-3311091_640is a fantastical TRINE with two SLOW MOVING GIANT influencer planets that can be fluid, abundant, angelic and embody GRACE. Where in our lives do we need to apply grace? Where in the world are we needed with our grace?

girl-2755877_640MOON TRINE MERCURY [8:13 am pdt/ 9:13 am mdt/ 10:13 am cdt/ 11:13 am edt] adds feeling and communications into the grace power.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [10:13 am pdt/ 11:13 am mdt/ 12:13 pm cdt/ 1:13 pm edt] adds feminine power to the already supernatural grace and communications with divine, Today is a day to ascend, or descend heaven to earth.sea-3572203_640

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [4:12 pm pdt/ 5:12 pm mdt/ 6:12 pm cdt/ 7:12 pm edt] is the fabulous weekend coming to a close, or the confusion that comes when dimensional shifting begins to enter “real life” or rather “3-D only” life. As dimensional expansion is occurring and people on earth begin to realize we are a part of a large galactic community, things on every level will shift.

. . . . .
Blessings as the eclipse portal rises to FULL MOON light up, then unwinding down. We’ll be free of the eclipse shadow clearing portal around September 9, 10, 11, with the next new moon.