August 14, 2018 – SQUARE SATURN = limitations to overcome with Venus’ help

afternoon-3157393_640MOON is in airy Libra now. MOON SQUARE SATURN [2:56 am pdt/ 3:56 am mdt/ 4:56 am cdt/ 5:56 am edt] this morning provides the feeling of work in the middle of the night or early morning or unending through the night. This existence is learning and work. Each of us has “our own work,” here on many levels. Today is a day to honor our “work here,” overcoming limitations.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [11:05 am pdt/ 12:05 pm mdt/ 1:05 pm cdt/ 2:05 pm edt] is the remedy to overcoming the limitations. Our own creativity. Our own abundance. Our own feminine magic.woman-1581202_640

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [7:09 pm pdt/ 8:09 pm mdt/ 9:09 pm cdt/ 10:09 pm edt] is another remedy to overcome limitations–communications power. Simple connected truthful communications.

MERCURY is still RETROGRADING til August 19th. Mercury Retrograde with this eclipse is extremely karma-clearing. Any past old weird karma with others, its clearing now.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: That New Moon eclipse was on my Sun! Its jolted me a bit with overwhelming bits of busyness, work, stress, pressure and moving, all at once. In this, I run out of moneys fast and things are happening fast! Both packs need a little food assistance now and in the near future if anyone would like to assist with feeding, please donate to