August 13, 2018 – Big Penetrating Inner Action

MOON in Virgo TRINE PLUTO in Capricorn, continuing the earth Grand Trine this morning is a good luck grounding aspect. [4:12 am pdt/ 5:12 am mdt/ 6:12 am cdt/ 7:12 am edt] is a transformative assistant after the trasformative eclipse. We are still in the end of the eclipse portal. This last eclipse in Leo will “kill off,” things in the way of the heart. Things no in alignment with the soul’s plan going forward, or things of the old world we are still completing.

MOON TRINE MARS [9:37 pm pdt/ 10:37 pm mdt/ 11:37 pm cdt/ 12:37 am late night edt] is the last of the earthy trines of the last two days. These earthy trines are great for real feet on the earth actions.

MOON enters the VOID between Virgo and Libra with this trine, for a few minutes only, until MOON enters Libra at [9:57 pm pdt/ 10:57 pm mdt/ 11:57 pm cdt/ 12:57 am late night edt]

This eclipse cycle now rises toward a FULL MOON.  This FULL MOON is not an eclipse, however its still bringing a NEW MOON ECLIPSE beginning, to fruition, so still carries the volatile purge and shadow clearing transformer energy–at this fruition of cycle at FULL MOON coming. It is a purge and re-arrange cycle–the last one of a few consecutive re-arrange cycles. There is so much change ongoing lately that its not so easy to stay grounded so the earthy trines today and yesterday help with that. With Uranus freshly into Taurus bringing life and adventure to the earth signs, earthy trines are full of magic and unexpected happenings.

MOON is CONJUNCT VENUS and SQUARE SATURN tomorrow, for deeper more beautiful attention to the work in action today.

May we manage the intense change energies well, knowing they are clearing and cleaning old energies and paving the way for new ones. May we work with that magnificent shift.