african-lion-2888519_640SUN CONJUNCT MOON in Leo is the New Moon Solar Eclipse that is the last of three eclipses in a death and rebirthing transformative window. This window began with the first eclipse on July 12, 2018  [2:58 am pdt/ 3:58 am mdt/ 4:58 pm cdt/ 5:58 pm edt] This powerful aspect, felt all over the globe, pulling magnetic and electromagnetic fields so there is an alchemical: “toss everything in the air” and allow it to fall where it will in its “new incarnation.” Everything is being shadow cleared,woman-2320581_640Uprooted for re-arrangement and killed to be refreshed anew–in an upgraded version.

May we enjoy the re-arranging process like a plant in a too-tight pot, begin uprooted to be replanted in a community garden with more space to grow.eye-1132531_640

MOON enters Virgo from the all day VOID this evening at 8:59 pm pdt/ 9:59 pm mdt/ 10:59 pm cdt/ 11:59 pm edt] This is more “clean up energy,” in the transformation chamber.

May we all have a peaceful time during transformation! May we relax, trust there is a higher plan, and be honest with ourselves and those around us! 

. . . . .
planet-2046418_640Author’s Note: Its my birthday today. I was nervous about this eclipse and its shake-up-ability-power, right on my sun and birthday for a second year in a row. I’m ready for the new rebirth. I’m tired of dying. Though I’m able to keep letting go, while we keep moving. I’m so so grateful that all of our needs are met, in spite of all the changing and moving always going on! We are fed! We have water. We are so blessed! Thank you to all of you who have supported the wolf pack with donations through time. Thank you thank you! We love you!
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Donations are now being used for food to feed the full pack, both pack one and two, for transport, new location costs, and fencing! THANK YOU!