August 6, 2018 – Expansive Divine Self Work – Uranian Energy Wild

balloon-3206530_640 (1)SUN SQUARE JUPITER [4:27 pm pdt/ 5:27 pm mdt/ 6:27 pm cdt/ 7:27 pm edt] is the work on our shining our gifts into the world. Wherever we have not expanded beyond our own egoic limitations, that keep us from shining our gifts to others, its time to overcome them–today!

VENUS enters Libra from Virgo today. Shifting our feminine sentiment from earth to air. She’s ready for more fun now. [4:27 pm pdt/ 5:27 pm mdt/ 6:27 pm cdt/ 7:27 pm edt] girl-1505407_640
SUN SEXTILE MOON [7:23 pm pdt/ 8:23 pm mdt/ 9:23 pm cdt/ 10:23 pm edt] is a harmony between man and woman, our own masculine feminine natures and each other of different sexes. Harmony! Enjoy!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [9:36 pm pdt/ 10:36 pm mdt/ 11:36 pm cdt/ 12:36 pm cdt] is a counter flow feeling. What’s not flowing? Time to let it go. Things keep changing, flow will return soon.

woman-586185_640URANUS is SLOWING DOWN to STATION, to go RETROGRADE tomorrow morning! As an outer planet slows down it often has us feeling like we are on LSD, or that the world has gone nuts, or that “things aren’t operating as normal,” they likely are not. Uranus is magical, instant, and like lightning striking. It can cause radical shifts in moments. Keep your dreams close to your heart and mind while the dream-maker comes close and changes directions. (to me it always feels like the energy comes close when it stations.)