August 2, 2018 – Tension with our own Power, Communications is Key

MOON is still in fire Aries.

struggle-1271657_640MOON SQUARE PLUTO [5:17 pm pdt/ 6:17 pm mdt/ 7:17 pm cdt/ 8:17 pm edt] this evening is the main aspect today. Its potentially filled with money angst, tension in how we are able to access our own power, or a need to work for something we believe in.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [7:52 pm pdt/ 8:52 pm mdt/ 9:52 am cdt/ 10:52 pm edt] reminds us that the greatest wars, conflicts, disagreements and problems are solved through skilled communication, agreements and the ability for each side to express what it needs from the other side and what it will give. checkmate-1511866_640There are radical shifts amidst our people, we are all moving around in geography and frequency, and many changes are happening in power in leadership. This aspect reminds us of the power and magic of good communications to solve things.