July 27, 2018 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Aquarius

alien-1905155_640MOON enters Aquarius from yesterday’s VOID at [3:41 am pdt/ 4:41 am mdt/ 5:41 am cdt/ 6:41 am edt]

Today is a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (the second of three eclipses in this window). The time of the FULL MOON ECLIPSE today is [1:20 pm pdt/ 2:20 pm mdt/ 3:20 pm cdt/ 4:20 pm edt]

MOON SQUARE URANUS [8:47 am pdt/ 9:47 am mdt/ 10:47 am cdt/ 11:47 am edt] and MOON CONJUNCT MARSwarrior-563172_640[11:48 am pdt/ 12:48 pm mdt/ 1:48 pm cdt/ 2:48 pm edt] These aspects create volatility around this eclipse. There is wild energy, and potentially big big changes.

MARS will SQUARE URANUS on August 1. So we are in this active revolutionary square dynamic now, for a week or so. Handle with care and genius, invisible world prayers and intuitive listening.

VENUS TRINE PLUTO [6:26 pm pdt/ 7:26 pm mdt/ 8:26 pm cdt/ 9:26 am edt] is a power aspect about creative genius and power.silhouette-1325334_640We are gentle loving creators and nomatter what happens we can call upon our own power of heart, and creativity to do whatever needs to be done this next week. This is a powerful aspect for successes and overcoming challenges.

May the source of wisdom and right action be with you.
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: 
We are moving again! This move is a good one. We are very excited! We invite you to participate! Come visit at the new location and contribute here to our next move! We have fence-building ahead of us! All donations welcome!

Note: see tomorrow’s blog for more details on this Mercury Retrograde cycle.