minimal-1885221_640MERCURY INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [12:52 am pdt/ 1:52 am mdt/ 2:52 am cdt/ 3:52 am edt] as this eclipse-portal point-opens today. This is a test of fear, insecurity, confusion & inferior emotions. This aspect challenges us to “rise above,” what would be inferior emotions, (like suspicion or doubt)–transforming them, into feelings like, humility, honor, respect, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, innocence and trust.

smartphone-720684_640SUN OPPOSITE PLUTO [3:04 am pdt/4:04 am mdt/ 5:04 am cdt/ 6:04 am edt] Test of faith, power, divinity and presence. We are called to rise into courage, innocence, and creative expression that is authentic.

sea-1457393_640MOON TRINE JUPITER
[8:12 am pdt/ 9:12 am mdt/ 10:12 am cdt/ 11:12 am edt] A comfort zone can be reached in the morning, with prayer, and receptivity. Amidst a waning dark of the moon before an eclipse point, this aspect of grace is here. This day could be anxiety producing and often in the very end bottom of the lunar cycle, all fears and insecurities are triggered or tested. It is often an uncomfortable time for people, and yet, these dark moon times are times of cleansing and deepening ourselves.

white-sand-2183913_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [12:56 pm pdt/ 1:56 pm mdt/ 2:56 pm cdt/ 3:56 pm edt] is a watery flow of emotion, money, transition, and consciousness. In this powerful window of a day, this is a supportive aspect for cleansing and releasing the old that is being removed.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTOsun-1106981_640 [6:43 pm pdt/ 7:43 pm mdt/ 8:43 pm cdt/ 9:43 pm edt] is a big shift point, with or without an eclipse, and with the eclipse the SHIFT [LIFE-DEATH-POWER-TRANFORMATION] opportunities and tests are amplified! The energies are supercharged and powerful. Our conscious management of them
and single focused attention on what we are doing, including an awareness of everything around us is imperative to have a good time at this time.
. . . . . .

ship-2804072_640Author’s Note:
I have been highly influenced lately by my participation and receiving daily guidance from the I-Ching. I have an app where I can flip coins and it reads the I-ching for me, sharing the ancient wisdom of the Tao in every situation. I’m striving to be a superior person, shedding all that is “inferior,” as it is said in the I-ching. This practice is influencing my astrological writings, you will see these references appearing to support you, as it is so so supportive of me!