July 6, 2018 – SQUARES overcoming Challenge – Moon shift to waning dark side

vietnam-2672414_640MOON is in Aries, SQUARE SUN in Cancer [12:51 am pdt/ 1:51 am mdt/ 2:51 am cdt/ 3:51 am edt] this shifts us from light to dark side of the waning lunar cycle. Here we move toward rest, we allow releases, we let go and surrender, we “go with the flow,” we work on “self healing” forgiveness and repair. Its time to mend the net!

MOON SQUARE PLUTObrown-bear-423202_640[11:54 am pdt/ 12:54 pm mdt/ 1:54 pm cdt/ 2:54 pm edt] is a challenge of faith, or power, independence or reserves of strength. May we rise to the occasion with our divinity at our ears when we are silent like bear. May we hibernate when there is trouble, until solution arises naturally.