July 3, 2018 – Water Trines – Charged Eclipse Field

grunts-1430230_640SUN in Cancer TRINE MOON in Pisces is a nice aspect for this day! [9:58 am pdt/ 10:58 am mdt/ 11:58 am cdt/ 12:58 pm edt] Its harmonious and happy like we are “swimming with our school o fishies!”

MOON TRINE JUPITER [1:21 pm pdt/ 2:21 pm mdt/ 3:21 pm cdt/ 4:21 pm edt] is more grace, and creates a GRAND TRINE in water! Jupiter is in Scorpio and expanding each one’s power center.school-1886811_640

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in planet’s water sign, Pisces: [7:19 pm pdt/ 8:19 pm mdt/ 9:19 pm cdt/ 10:19 pm edt] is more water and more flow! Fluidity is the key of today, and all water days!
. . . . . 

Authors Note: It’s an exciting time at Heart of a Wolf Educational and Research Sanctuary : both pack one and pack two with their respective caretakers; are making entry into “new territory”: this is in actual physical space, as well as “learning the ropes,” of finding the right allies, partners and collaborators to be sustainable. It has been a long, “moment by moment”, day by day, arduous journey for each of us, and that continues, though breaking new ground in finding a better way, every day. Thank you to all my astrological readers who have supported these animals along with me; for some years now! As always, your financial contributions assist us in nourishing and sustaining one intact, happy family of Red Wolf dogs. We are aiming to have all proper permitting and legal paperwork done soon! Wish us luck!

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