July 2, 2018 – Entering Eclipse Charged Field – Monday of miracles, communications and good work

MOON is still VOID
 from yesterday, until [10:31 am pdt/ 11:31 am mdt/ 12:31 pm cdt/ 1:31 pm edt].fish-378286_640So its a funny monday early.  Entering Pisces at this time, the MOON is still bright, though releasing energy.

This bright MOON SEXTILES URANUS at [2:38 pm pdt/ 3:38 pm mdt/ 4:38 pm cdt/ 5:38 pm edt]  inviting miracles and shifts that are radical in nature, as all uranian aspects do.

musician-664432_640MERCURY INCONJUNCT SATURN [4:48 pm pdt/ 5:48 pm mdt/ 6:48 pm cdt/ 7:48 pm edt] reminds us that communications though they can be awkward, uncomfortable, or we may resist them, they do make peace, move the world and assist us in all ways. Meditation assists this aspect, as it does every aspect, though especially helpful for ones like this affecting, particularly, our mind and its mouth.

fishing-164977_640Today we enter the “10 days before an eclipse,” that is an ancient understanding of a window of time when we “handle with care,” and batton down the hatches, “preparing for anything.” In truth, the magnetic and electrical energies on the planet are in extreme transition, flux and affectation. This does trickle down into other aspects of life as forms of chaos, re-arranging, and the need for extra vigilant attention and presence.

running-498257_640During an “eclipse time,” its good to be “as prepared as possible,” heading into it, so that we give ourselves extra resource, so that as the eclipse field is passing, we have what we need for the squeeze times in the field that we walk through.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: In preparation for the upcoming “squeeze times,” I’ve written blogs in advance woo hoo! (my planned time for writing the whole year out, was usurped by an unexpected two weeks in jail for dog tickets and an accidentally missed court date in Taos, in the middle of my writing block in January!)–it has caused a “catch up,” sensation for me where blogs are written each day, instead of all in advance the way I had planned! It feels so so good on multiple levels to get blogs done in advance! Check out the Eclipse coming (you can click on blogs ahead, from the calendar also).