June 20, 2018 – Peaking Summer, First Quarter Moon

wild-rose-3454905_640Happy Blessed Mid-Summer! This is the peak of the Solar Cycle, as we rise into the SUMMER SOLSTICE (tomorrow).

The MOON is in Libra as of early morning, at its half way point in its cycle, pre-dawn, [3:51 am pdt], waxing toward full in seven days from now.

This is the most light, bright, creative full time of the year!

MOON SQUARE SATURN [4:48 pm pdt] is a moment of recaputilation, work or comfort zone squeezer.

rose-petals-3194062_640MOON SEXTILE VENUS [8:32 pm pdt] softens the SATURN SQUARE with sweetness, in food, in kisses, or in energy. We are feminine within and creative every one. This is a zone of bliss for each one’s unique flowering.

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE, [8:58 pm pdt] is a communications fluidity, as NEPTUNE moves forward, some things may feel as if they unfold . . . . flow . . . . down the river instead of in circles now. slowly.

MOON TRINE MARS [9:38 pm pdt] offers movement. More fire and action in this summer peak time. It is a time for iced lemonade and cooling, soothing things for firey hot energy.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: amidst everything, I made it to Ammachi’s Devi Bava! She hugs all night and the closing happens with showerings of rose and flower petals. Oh so loving from that divine feminine place, so the rose petals are showering the blog today. And all of you. Blessings–I’ve been Amma’d, happily with flower petals. !! THank you and blessings to each one of you for all you do in this world at this peak of summertime! Ooooooola la!