June 18, 2018 – NEPTUNE DIRECT ~ Flow Shift to Forward

book-2134779_640MOON is in Virgo as of [1:40 am pdt/ 2:40 am mdt/ 3:40 am cdt/ 4:40 am edt]. This is our little moonly selves, in an organizing, sign of details, while NEPTUNE STATIONS today, with so much water, and flow, fluidity and boundaryless participation with alternative rivers of life or the one big river of life. Divine intervention and Neptuny happenings.

cascade-1144119_640MOON TRINE URANUS [4:19 am pdt/ 5:19 am mdt/ 6:19 am cdt/ 7:19 am edt] is a practical miracle moment in a miracle-making month.

MOON TRINE SATURN [12:39 pm pdt/ 1:39 pm mdt/ 2:39 pm cdt/ 3:39 pm edt] is a grounded mature aspect, in a waxing moon and rising solar cycle, its nice to emphasize the roots, while the flowers are blooming.

elephant-2380009_640NEPTUNE STATIONARY RETROGRADE [ 4:26 pm pdt/ 5:26 pm mdt/ 6:26 pm cdt/ 7:26 pm edt] is the mythic moment of the day. This is a moment to notice and all the hours around it, as NEPTUNE is a powerful force of fluidity and related to water, water, water. Bless the waters of life. Thank you for nourishing us, mothering us and feeding us the waters of regeneration and healing. children-1822704_640
MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [11:44 pm pdt/ 12:44 am late night mdt/ 1:44 am late night cdt/ 2:44 am late night edt] brings more light, communications and water in the air! Playful zest, with water.

. . . . .

Author’s Note:
We are organizing paperwork for Pack one, to fulfill questions from local authorities who were called by a lady named Betsy Klein from Plan B to save wolves.landscape-2028942_640 We are excited to finally acquire permitting at a location. We’ve often had to move so quickly that it was not a place for permitting. We are seeking several permits, including research and a new business permit! Pack two is still raising funds for transport. Pack one needs dogfood. Pack two received a dogfood donation from Taste of the Wild, 60 lbs. Thank you to Taste of the Wild dogfood company! Thank you to the La Montanita Co Op in Santa Fe for contacting Taste of the Wild for us, and for hosting an informational event for us. We will have a table in front of the co op in Santa Fe on a day coming up. We will let you know when for locals in Santa Fe. These are interesting times for all, including for Heart of a Wolf Sanctuary! We are getting so much good work done! Thank you so much to all of you who support us. New websites, and essays on the details of our work, coming soon!
donations for dogfood and transport here: