June 12, 2018 – Running to Home Base

architecture-1851149_640In this Dark of the Moon, waning moon time, it is the quietest time in the cycle. Sometimes fears, insecurities or other “darknesses,” can attempt to enter this quiet space of peace, and we can hold them, give them what they need and then return to the peace, that the dark moon gifts us with in its quiet unfolding.

MOON is in lightest Gemini, up-beat and talking, Gemini is a friend, and is fast. Whether we are meditating or chatting with mom, its a fast moon in a quiet time. (nice for writers).

Gemini’s ruler, MERCURY is “racing home” today to the home sign of Cancer,animal-2751981_640just as the MOON unwinds down to its darkest point, then turns to a new cycle, like a home-run we start afresh, completion of a cycle, home run! [12:59 pm pdt/ 1:59 pm mdt/ 2:59 pm cdt/ 3:59 pm edt]

MOON TRINE MARS [1pm pdt/ 2pm mdt/ 3pm cdt/ 4pm edt] offers energy to the race, even in the unwinding. Trine the MOON we may wish to “go home!” (to our core, to our home base), we move into alignment.

Alignment is Divine. May we salt and soda bath ourselves and our world in this cleansing time.

Deep “you are loved by the universe,” blessings.