June 10, 2018 – Earthy Actions for Growth

MOON in Taurus this morning is our most grounded sign. Four feet in the ground today! Like a cow all our needs are under our feet!

MOON SQUARE MARS [10:21 am pdt/ 11:21 pm mdt/ 12:21 pm cdt/ 1:21 pm edt] invites us to overcome tiredness or resistance to keep moving in the direction we know we are going.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [10:14 pm pdt / 11:14 pm mdt / 12:14 am late night cdt / 1:14 am late night edt] invites expanding our limited perspective to something that includes more space for us to grow!

Feel the moon waning down low? New Moon is on June 13th in three days on Wednesday afternoon. The last quarter asks us for rest, cleansing and meditation as we surf the lower energy down to the new beginning point on Wednesday. These next three days are end of the cycle release and unwind days!

. . .

Authors Note: Pack one is very peaceful at the new location! We all feel the lower energy and all of us are resting a lot to recover from all the intensities of all the moves before here! Pack two is still working on transport and their next landing spot! Both packs need food today so all donations today feed animals!

I’m in a peaceful place available for readings!

Thank you for your love and care! We love you too! Licks and Howls!