June 2, 2018 – VOID MOON Morning, Aquarius Problem Solving Evening

lake-2063957_640VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE [1:26 am pdt/ 2:26 am mdt/ 3:26 am cdt/ 4:26 am edt] brings the dreamtime into the morning.

The MOON went VOID yesterday evening, with a MOON -PLUTO CONJUNCTION, so the MOON is VOID today, until going into Aquarius [at 3:06 pm pdt/ 4:06 pm mdt/ 5:06 pm cdt/ 6:06 pm edt].road-220058_640
MERCURY INCONJUNCT SATURN [6:16 am pdt/ 7:16 am mdt/ 8:16 am cdt/ 9:16 am edt] is an awkward moment where we communications and structure are needing changes and to work something out. Communications directed at “getting to the bottom of things,” is the directive.

swimmer-1678307_640MOON enters Aquarius then SQUARES the Aquarian ruler, URANUS [4:58 pm pdt/ 5:58 pm mdt/ 6:58 pm cd/t 7:58 pm edt] for a challenge to rise into problem solving. With a genius mind and clear intent, anything is solvable and work-out-able. Its one of those “work it out days.” 

Sometimes the in-between-world, enters this world, or dimensions merge. Its one of those days too.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:  I had an interesting day receiving a cat family. They arrived the day before. The door had flown open in the downstairs area where they were and it was cold. Two kittens were deep in battle and the mama was concerned. I had to relocate the family this morning and listen to their needs. They were all having needs. I think we solved everything. So already the aspects came through these cats in the early am.

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