May 31, 2018 – Earthy Last Day of May

harmony-1229901_640MOON enters Capricorn from yesterday’s all-day-VOID [at 2:26 am pdt/ 3:26 am mdt/ 4:26 am cdt/ 5:26 am edt].

MOON TRINE URANUS [4:02 am pdt/ 5:02 am mdt/ 6:02 am cdt/ 7:02 am edt] is revealing changes to come. Unfurling before us is an economic enlightning, an opening through genius, a pathway of revelatory technology unfurling onto the earth.

fantasy-2542309_640MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [5:53 pm pdt/ 6:53 pm mdt/ 7:53 pm cdt/ 8:53 pm edt] just after the FULL MOON, offers a cleansing of old energies, a “reset button,” an opportunity to re-form, re-structure, . . . ourselves, our home, . . . to strengthen and re-affirm our core.

This is precious time,spirituality-303281_640for it is free of the volatility that is coming, during the eclipse field in July and August. The first eclipse is July 12th: a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer.
. . . . .