May 30, 2018 – Healing Dimension Portal – Communications that Heal

Today the MOON is VOID all day, between the FULL divine-light-1296353_640MOON sign of Sagittarius and its following grounded Capricorn. We have just crossed our FULL MOON this cycle. So its like a FULL MOON HEALING DIMENSION, that comes to us today. This dimension-making-moon-void often offers the feeling of “in-between-worlds,” or in between clocks. Do you see your portal of healing and evolutionary dialogue with self and others today? 

This is a day to take time out to evaluate life at its core,hand-1819357_640 seeing what is alive and what will go forward with us. Its not necessarily a day to make calendar-style-plans, but rather to muse with our deeper longer visions, the ones that will guide all our future plans. What needs our tending? What in our relationships with others, our work teams, . . . what is the truth and core that needs to be communicated today.

MERCURY SEXTILE CHIRON [2:21 pm pdt/ 3:21 pm mdt/ 4:21 pm edt/5:21 pm edt] is the voice of healing, communications, gently supportively tied to healing today.harmony-1229892_640What we say can make a big difference. We are each other’s confidante’s and healers, journey-mates and evolutionary ascension companions. May we fully engage our depth and presence today. May we not let the soulful important things slide, rather honor them with poetry, sharings and cups of tea.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: Its a beautiful day and time for treasure map readings. (or readings that you need for anything). E-mail: to plan. / The alpha part of pack is settling in. We are getting ready to purchase harnesses and begin to train the unleashable ones, to put harnesses on! Oh my! How odd for a freedom-loving animal! The omega part of the pack is still needing transport funds to get to their home base in Maine at a Sanctuary there, preparing for them. I have a wonderful job related to the things I love most coming in August, that will provide consistent income and feed my animals! However between now and August, before that starts, I’m still needing support to feed animals. Any donations for food to feed the precious members of the wolf pack can be sent here: