May 29, 2018 – This is a really good Full Moon in Sagittarius! Full moon peak : 7:19 am pdt : Nature is our Teacher

MOON SEXTILE MARS is an inspiration ignition ! We are in a biosphere ; plants, birds, trees, even animals! Wow! What an amazing gift to be alive! This morning our actions can be “natural ones” as if we are a part of a natural biosphere with a seasonal wheel guiding right actions. It’s the season of being outside with all the life we are with here!

FULL MOON in Gemini’s OPPOSITE: at 8 degrees Sagittarius. Since full moons are oppositions; and this axis is mind-related ; we want to watch getting into oppositional discussions where each mind thinks it’s something more real than the whole. One reference point can never make up for the wisdom of the whole field. Together ; all our diverse perspectives are needed for earths current evolutionary mixing pot.

MERCURY enters Sun occupied Gemini, from Taurus; [4:49 pm pdt] earth to air is like a take off.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE; [11:26 pm pdt/ 12:26 am mdt/ 1:26 am cdt/ 2:26 am edt] is a cleaning square potentially. We may have “housecleaning to do,” and the faithful resistance that can come with it for some people. The house cleaning is many levels deep. Full Moons are natural times to see all that needs cleaning while the Moon wanes this cycle! Especially cleaning the mind!

This late night square sends the Moon into the VOID; for all of tomorrow. (Wednesday is a VOID MOON all day in the full Moon sign of Sagittarius. It’s good to “unplug” from “normal reality,” to listen to “your version of the divine,” and be only natural about what you do. Voids are not good days for being on a clock. They work better in between time in places like caves, rivers, or lake time.

Tomorrow: MERCURY SEXTILES CHIRON in the VOID for communication with our inside ; naturally that is healing.

. . .

This full moons theme can be: Nature is our teacher. We are a natural wonder! May this fullness ripen you to nature’s love.