May 28, 2018 – Full Moon in Evolved Fire coming soon

MOON is still in Scorpio this morning. Heading into the VOID after OPPOSING MERCURY. [10:25 am pdt]. This opposition is a natural “fullness of communications” just before the full moon that comes with Mercury so close to the SUN.

MOON departs the VOID ; heading into the coming full moon’s sign of Sagittarius. [3:29 pm pdt];

SUN INCONJUNCT SATURN : [11:36 pm pdt] tonight: allows us to flow throw the creation- recreation process with structure and the rhythm and form of our lives. It can be awkward ; bringing our intentions into form; as the translation happens one task at a time. Even in our Dreamtime tonight; we might accomplish miracles one strange lucid dream work at a time.

May the rising full moon empower all your wholeness-making visions!

Full Moon takes place tomorrow morning in Sagittarius. [7:19 am pdt, /8:19 am mdt/ 9:19 am cdt / 10:19 am edt]