May 26, 2018 – Deep Soul : Wacky Morning, Peaceful Evening

monument-valley-1593318_640MOON entered Scorpio this morning, [6:39 am pdt] bringing us in touch with deeper water and deeper soul.

[7:42 am pdt] is a shocking moment of revelation, or a shift, or a change of plans.

MOON SQUARE MARS [1:46 pm pdt] is not always anybody’s favorite aspect,wood-3302802_640however its about moving and work, and home.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [9:34 pm pdt] is a comfortzone maker. Sometimes we are asked to step “out of our comfort zone,” and sometimes we are called to step “Into it.” Today we are called to step into our comfort zone.

walk-2831244_640MOON TRINE VENUS [11:40 pm pdt] is a bliss opportunity. a kiss from the earth mama’s within and without. Flowers in our hand, a cool breeze, summer warmth and the space¬†for peaceful joy.

May we enjoy these summer moments of growing in the light.