May 25, 2018 – Love and Shift

waters-3178574_640JUPITER TRINE NEPTUNE [2:52 am pdt/ 3:52 am mdt/ 4:52 am cdt/ 5:52 am edt] is a river flowering grace. Grace comes into any and all situations. No one is beyond the power of sunlight, rain, and putting toes into rivers of lifegiving nourishment that usher us forward, down the river.

MERCURY TRINE PLUTO [6:38 am pdt/ 7:38 am mdt/ 8:38 am cdt/ 9:38 am edt] communications grace and power or death oriented.  Things and we are either regenerating or dying in every moment. rose-3063284_640
MOON SQUARE PLUTO [2:04 pm pdt/ 3:04 pm mdt/ 4:04 pm cdt/ 5:04 pm edt] is a gift of life that we work for or a message of death we receive. It is a doorway to soul contact and tender care.

VENUS OPPOSITE SATURN [11:40 pm pdt/ 12:40 am late night mdt/ 1:40 am late night cdt/ 2:40 am edt] is a limitation on love, or a deep piece of work related to love and is a shift. Our hearts are full of boundari-less love and this world requires that we make boundaries to guide, guard and protect all that we love.

May we notice the river of grace this day. May we guide, guard and protect with love. May boundaries arise from loving intent.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:
A miracle happened yesterday and my family helped with some of the finances. (promising not to help the rest of the year, but helping this time). So we are out of the immediate danger.  Part of the pack was meant to be moved yesterday but timing didn’t work out so now moving some today, so working on fencing reinforcement at the new location. Donations appreciated! ; Treasure Map Readings available! Donations of $50-250 for Treasure Map consultations.