May 24, 2018 – Waxing Moon in Libra; Its a good partner working day

MOON in Libra TRINE MARS [5:19 am pdt/ 6:19 am mdt/ 7:19 am cdt/ 8:19 am edt] has us “on the move,” in the early morning. Things are moving. Energy is moving and we are called into movement.

SUN TRINE MOON, Gemini to Libra, [5:48 am pdt/ 6:48 pm mdt/ 7:48 am cdt/ 8:48 am edt] brings airy trine magic into this day. Communications, allies, partners, friends, we all make the world go round. We are here for and with each other!

MOON SQUARE VENUS [11:03 am pdt/ 12:03 pm mdt/ 1:03 pm cdt/ 2:03 pm edt] is a feminine corner of overcoming challenges of to our affection and nurturing abilities. The beings around us need nurturance, reassurance and affectionate loving guidance. Everyone, all of us, needs that. We can gift each other with the unconditional love through our challenges.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [2:28 pm pdt/ 3:28 pm mdt/ 4:28 pm cdt/ 5:28 pm edt] (Saturn and Venus are hanging together doing the good creative work!) The MOON SQUARE calls our creative powers into working for the whole, working for the feminine and for the nurturing of the whole, all beings in balance.

Tomorrow brings a shift point, threshold of change in relationship and our inner affectionate one’s journey through life. We have a river of grace, and the fabric of life supporting us in some way, as well as maturity and creative challenge.
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Author’s Note: 
Moving the alpha’s today! Still in between and headed to the new location in Narnia in the mountains. (after we are more settled we’ll share our location). This first stop is likely more temporary as we move into this area and find a more remote wilderness location, either to visit frequently, or to stay at with the animals. The “in-town” location is being set up as a “wolf b n b,” with two guest rooms! You’ll all be able to come visit the pack and stay in our wolf b n b in a gorgeous happy mountain town. If you contribute any amount now, we’ll apply it toward future readings and visits! We’re issuing “Treasure Coins,” for all donations now. (those who donated before will also receive treasure coin certificates, as we have that admin computer time). By the time you can trade them for things, you’ll have them from all your contributions in the past. 🙂 You’ll be able to trade treasure coins for gifts from the treasure store, stays at the b n b or treasure map readings for you or others as gifts.
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