May 23, 2018 – MOON VOID ALL DAY in Blissful trines

MOON TRINE MERCURY in earthiness [12:10 am pdt/ 1:10 am mdt /2:10 am cdt/ 3:10 edt] is so sweet. Earthy late night before today; in the grace of being alive in a living fabric of life.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [7:55 am pdt /8:55 am mdt/ 9:55 am cdt/ 10:55 am edt] is more earthy summer soul love from the cosmos. MOON heads into the VOID for the rest of the day! It’s one of those back door, closet door. Narnia, kind of days; where you “slip out the back door” and into another world.

This movement into the VOID is like a magic portal. Energy can be slippery. Systems may or may not function as planned and “plans” are those things that have God laughing. (Especially on a day like today) However the divine plan is unfolding and Pluto knows things we personally may not know. Pluto knows deep soulful things.

In the VOID; we can let go of little plans or fears of the unknown; while something larger and mysterious shows us it’s glimmers. It’s opening.

In the middle of the VOID: SUN TRINE MARS : [7:39 pm pdt/ 8:39 pm mdt /9:39 pm cdt/10:39 pm edt] actions of soul and form.

MOON departs the VOID [at 11:52 pm pdt/12:52 am late night am mdt/ 1:52 am cdt/ 2:52 am late night edt] into Libra. Now from earth to air we fly, from feet to wings. We can take off the ground in partnerships and the power of shared intention in this window of time. Precious time.

. . . .

Authors Note: I’m at the new location in Narnia (a secret location so far). I feel myself like I entered a new world through a secret portal so experience this other worldly void moon transition myself.