May 21, 2018 – VOID MOON all day, til evening practical miracles

be-2009201_640Today, the MOON is in the VOID between Leo and Virgo. Its spends time in that in-between-zone at the end of fire, so it can be ¬†good play day, or completion to something we started that was a creative task we started earlier at another time. VOID MOON days, are good for redoing or returning things that need that kind of backward or “redone,” attention. In general VOID MOON’s often feel like “days off,” of focused work life. (whether we wanted that or not).nothing-1820481_640

New steps rarely work very well during a VOID MOON, unless its the second or third time doing it.

MOON departs the VOID, entering Practical VIRGO [7:03 pm pdt/ 8:03 pm mdt/ 9:03 pm cdt/ 10:03 pm edt]. Virgo wants us to “get it all together,” and has the detailed mind to do it. After Leo’s play period, Virgo has the return to order enzyme.

arch-3416038_640MOON TRINE URANUS [7:38 pm pdt/ 8:38 pm mdt/ 9:38 pm cdt/ 10:38 pm edt] Virgo to Taurus is the “practical miracle maker” aspect of the evening. Grounded and surprising at the same time–its an awakening trine.

SUN SQUARES the¬†MOON [8:49 pm pdt/ 9:49 pm mdt/ 10:49 pm cdt/ 11:49 pm edt] moving us from the dark waxing to the light waxing quarter. The energy crosses this tension work challenge point, then moves into the lightest most creative-expanded quarter of this month’s lunar cycle of creation.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: Our move is unfolding. We are following divine footsteps. Things have gotten a tiny bit more graceful and less chaotic than they felt earlier this year. Thank you to all of you for your support! All donations appreciated for feeding and fencing, housing and healing every member of the pack!