May 20, 2018 – Creative Healing Day

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [12:31 am pdt/ 1:31 am mdt/ 2:31 am cdt/ 3:31 am edt] is a communications corner in the night before this day.

VENUS SQUARE CHIRON [1:24 pm pdt/ 2:24 pm mdt/ 3:24 pm cdt/ 4:24 pm edt] is a creative healing charge or challenge; creative test or rising up of intelligence to meet an old wounded or unfinished part of self that revisits for listening and healing.

VENUS INCONJUNCT MARS – [7:08 pm pdt /8:08 pm mdt/ 9:08 pm cdt/ 10:08 pm edt] might be an awkward dance of mating that happens sideways or a conversation that comes from two perspectives; so different, they have an unusual time seeing eye to eye. Venus in Cancer is looking at how to nurture while Mars in Aquarius is a mental wizard. Their different realms are best in mutual respect and awe.

SUN enters Gemini [7:15 pm pdt/ 8:15 pm mdt/ 9:15 pm cdt/ 10:15 pm edt] and it’s that breezy airy light-hearted time of summer. SUN entering Gemini is a seasonal call to joy!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER : [8:30 pm pdt/ 9:30 pm mdt/ 10:30 pm cdt/ 11:30 pm edt] is a corner of abundance making from our core; or stretching to collect whatever is needed for our home and mothering calls in the evening.

Today is a funny day. It’s filled with tests and awkward moments; however supported by a waxing Moon and energies that invite us to create joy together as we find solutions to the doubts or fears that arise.

. . .

Authors Note: grateful for all the small miracles ; we invite more!

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