May 19, 2018 – Right Actions Required

silhouette-3152113_640MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [1:26 am pdt/ 2:26 am mdt/ 3:26 am cdt/ 4:26 am edt] brings a life and death intensity in the middle of the night that may have entered our dreams or our morning.

VENUS enters mama Cancer this morning [6:10 am pdt/ 7:10 am mdt/ 8:10 am cdt/ 9:10 am edt] from Gemini. Air to Water for our creative loving self.action-3255356_640

VENUS SEXTILE URANUS [10:30 am pdt/ 11:30 am mdt/ 12:30 pm cdt/ 1:30 pm edt] is a nice small miracle inserted into what could be tension aspects in the today.

running-2353880_640MOON SEXTILE SUN [2:14 pm pdt/ 3:14 pm mdt/ 4:14 pm cdt/ 5:14 pm edt] brings masculine feminine harmony, and maturity. sends the MOON into the VOID for two hours.

MOON enters Leo, departing the VOID [at 4:10 pm pdt/ 5:10 pm mdt/ 6:10 pm cdt/ 7:10 pm edt].

dog-2681532_640This fire MOON immediately SQUARES URANUS (fixed fire to fixed earth). [4:33 pm pdt/ 5:33 pm mdt/ 6:33 pm cdt/ 7:33 pm edt] for a radical home awakening or conflict to resolve.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [6:37 pm pdt/ 7:37 pm mdt/ 8:37 pm cdt/ 9:37 pm edt] is a test of right action, and right thought in the face of perhaps a challenge.

animal-3283837_640MARS SEXTILE CHIRON [10:55 pm pdt/ 11:55 pm mdt/ 12:55 am late night cdt/ 1:55 am late night edt] is an aspect of active healing. Our words and choices can invoke healing or wounding for ourselves and those around us.sports-3399852_640

May we invoke actions that heal. May we speak words that point to solutions and peace in a time of potential conflict or disagreement between two parties.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note:¬†In the midst of caring for the wolf pack, which is a big deal every day, with food and containment, especially in this transition, I’m also building a new astrological experience. I’m very excited about this because I was working on this before the wolf pack came into my life as my children. To return to work that has been interrupted is healing and grounding. Stay tuned for the new offers! Soul-Based-Readings are available (one per day)!

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