May 17, 2018 – Air to Water; Birds landing on a pretty pond; Radical Nourishment

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [11:18 am pdt/ 12:18 pm mdt/ 1:18 cdt/ 2:18 pm edt] is a Feminine conjoining of heads and hearts for Geminian light-Hearted small miracles.

This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID: for 3.5 hours; (from 11:18 am pdt) when it’s a nice reflection; review or mid-day meditation time. Time in nature is also nice in these “in-between” portals in time.

MOON departs the void ; entering Mama Cancer. [2:47 pm pdt/ 3:47 pm mdt/ 4:47 pm cdt/ 5:47 pm edt]

The Divine Mother is a theme today; like this Mother’s Day season in general. May our inner mom bloom ; coming out to nurture all the wild creatures of spring!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [2:59 pm pdt/ 3:59 pm mdt / 4:59 pm cdt/ 5:59 pm edt] opens an opportunity for spontaneous miracles especially in Uranus’ new area: Taurus ; in its connection to mama Cancer: and the Mother Earth.

. . . .

Authors Note: Everyone in the pack is a little hungry and in need of extra nourishment ! All donations assist us in nourishing the pack and moving forward. We are soooo grateful for your support! We thank you for nourishing; yourself and all of life!