May 18, 2018 – Inner Mama, Writings & Completions

fantasy-3000308_640MOON is still in nurturing Cancer (in the Western Zodiac) all day. This is a day to be in the water, or on the beach like crabs. These little mythic placements are here as part of a cycle of life. Some of us may at times, feel a little “ahead,” on the wheel, or at other times, like those watching the vedic wheel, a little behind. Its fun to watch both zodiacs for clues in the fabric of time. Both zodiacs seem to unroll the experience fabric of life in ways that can be seen and surfed.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURYnarrative-794978_640[3:51 am pdt/ 4:51 am mdt/ 5:51 am cdt/ 6:51 am edt]; is a good connection for writers and speakers, for all of us our hands and mouths do a lot of “work for us,” and today is a good day for that.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN, [4:34 am pdt/ 5:34 am mdt/ 6:34 am cdt/ 7:34 am edt] mama and papa and their opposition. Is in a place of balancing, balancing the opposites. Balancing between our home and our work, nurturing our children and being a money-making-mountain-climber.boy-2022606_640

MERCURY TRINE SATURN [9:49 am pdt/ 10:49 am mdt/ 11:49 am cdt/ 12:49 pm edt] is another communications aspect that is a focus of limitation for positive use. This aspect is Virgo’s dream–organization’s platform, and a good day for communications with our new forms, and all those co-building them with us.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNEyosemite-1590011_640[5:23 pm pdt/ 6:23 pm mdt/ 7:23 pm cdt/ 8:23 pm edt] is a fluid place of flow. Its good to be flexible on a day that has this aspect, so fluid. Grace is flowing in this kind of fluidity. Thought to reality, back to thought to recreate again, Imagination has special powers today, here we are: rafting down a river, gracefully headed to the new scene.

chart-3373119_640MOON TRINE JUPITER [6:47 pm pdt/ 7:47 pm mdt/ 8:47 pm cdt/ 9:47 pm edt] is an abundance plan in motion, percolating, being nurtured by us, gently in the evening.

This sweet day, with all these graceful aspects, in an opening sliver moon, opening, still in the dark, silent places. Still a little tired, in the lower light energy, til the crossing into the light: May 21, when Moon reaches first quarter and into the light side of the cycle for the two weeks that follow. that is peak creative time this summer cycle.

Blessings in the surfing of this gorgeous day, rising light, secret flight : enjoy.

. . . .

Author’s Note: A new astrological opportunity: mammal-3265847_640Coming Soon!

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May 17, 2018 – Air to Water; Birds landing on a pretty pond; Radical Nourishment

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [11:18 am pdt/ 12:18 pm mdt/ 1:18 cdt/ 2:18 pm edt] is a Feminine conjoining of heads and hearts for Geminian light-Hearted small miracles.

This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID: for 3.5 hours; (from 11:18 am pdt) when it’s a nice reflection; review or mid-day meditation time. Time in nature is also nice in these “in-between” portals in time.

MOON departs the void ; entering Mama Cancer. [2:47 pm pdt/ 3:47 pm mdt/ 4:47 pm cdt/ 5:47 pm edt]

The Divine Mother is a theme today; like this Mother’s Day season in general. May our inner mom bloom ; coming out to nurture all the wild creatures of spring!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [2:59 pm pdt/ 3:59 pm mdt / 4:59 pm cdt/ 5:59 pm edt] opens an opportunity for spontaneous miracles especially in Uranus’ new area: Taurus ; in its connection to mama Cancer: and the Mother Earth.

. . . .

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