May 16, 2018 – Radical Shifting Prepare, Beware, Don’t Stare!

bull-1575005_640Today Uranus is having its first day in Taurus. Since its URANUS–and Uranus is a bit fire-crackery and can be disruptive to a solid mythic field like Taurus, “just about anything is possible now!” (and “anything” might happen!)

earth-2822497_640Prepare for ANYTHING ON EARTH as if its in heaven, or as if its disrupted. (potentially a choice, like choosing heaven or hell in every moment).

, now: 2018 through April, 2026, might bring us extra terrestrial presence, or rather unveil what is already just might expand our “rather simplistic limited perspective of earth,” into a location inside of a vast network of interconnected galactic relationships.  This IS POSSIBLE as URANUS is going to bring a lot of “previously unseen,”cave-1149023_640things into view in the earth realm for viewing here.
Uranus infuses “spirit” into Taurian Earth.

To add power and action to the already wild URANUS shifting elements, mythically in our spiritual journey fabric, MARS SQUARES this new earthy URANUS flash-113275_640from the wild planet’s ruling sign of Aquarius. [12:04 am pdt/ 1:04 am mdt/ 2:04 am cdt/ 3:04 am edt] Again we are Squarius Aquarius! URANUS fresh into earth-Taurus, SQUARES MARS fresh into inventive air. This could be a wild day–prepare beware, handle with care. It can also be a day of radical right action and giant leaps of change.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [4:16 pm pdt/ 5:16 pm mdt/ 6:16 pm cdt/ 7:16 pm edt] offers a giant need for a crossing. This could be from the lower self to the higher self, or from a little manufactured home to a nature home, or jumping over a river to get to the other side. A good idea is (as the I-ching says: “cling to the divine,” during this crossing).

What are the mythic clues (to Uranus in Taurus)–delivered on this day? Through all the years I’ve always noticed mythic events on the day of a planetary shift. Lets see what happens to mark this day. If you have observations to share, please send them to

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