May 15, 2018 – The Wildest Taurus New Moon of the Century!

night-1851685_640The Wildest New Moon in Taurus happens at the end of the sign, while Uranus enters the beginning of the sign, on the same day. Uranus enters Taurus, from Aries, after seven years there.  The whole time URANUS was in Aries it was SQUARING PLUTO in Capricorn. This was/is THE ASPECT–that wrecked many of our lives from 2011-2018. The Uranus in Aries dynamic which SQUARED our collective PLUTO, sent a wrecking ball to our ego’s, our towers, and provided us with Donald Trump and hopefully a deeper connection to each one’s own “soulwork here,” as well as the “wake up call,” to leadership, while the “supposed leaders,” broke down before us. We were reminded that “the leader is in in us,” if its going to work, and when we try to project the leader outside, its a disaster, we get Donald Trump. So take leadership within and we need to now clearly disassemble false leadership. Now we know.

poppy-720087_640The NEW MOON takes place at [4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 am mdt/ 6:48 am cdt/ 7:48 am edt] in earthy Taurus. This shift in consciousness will ask us collectively to shift focus to earth based things. Our attention may be needed by the earth herself. How this happens, we shall see tomorrow and the weeks and months and years that follow. Keep each other posted as to what we “see” happening in Taurus starting May 15th this New Moon day! blue-2705642_640

There isn’t a lot to say about Uranus changing signs, because none of Uranus’ power is in the superficial area’s of our ego-mind, or what “our small self might think,” rather the Uranian intelligence and movement is focused on greater collective human ascensions, breakthroughs, and freedom from old traps.

Uranian events are often “unexpected,” come right out of the “unseen world,” or shock us by providing content we were not looking for. In Aries, we’ve received shocks about world leaders, and have spent “too much focus of attention,” on bad war politics and over-emphasized Aries egos in our bad government. Now that URANUS heads into Taurus, our “resources,” our “land,” and our “gifts that we share,” are receiving electric shock, lightning strikes of awakening life-force, now, for the next seven years. The best way to work with energetic shifts, in my sense of things, is to see what the cosmos, or planetary energies are communicating to us. Often we will see a “mythic event,” on the day of the change of signs, that signals many of us as to “what the themes of the uranian transit through Taurus might be.” To think we “know already,” might set us up to miss some wonderful mystic clue. May we all be open to see, what the myth makers of our world are sharing as this Uranus changes signs. (signs) being at the service of the galactic mystery school of creation that we live within, and are spiralling up in consciousness, through.

desert-3199365_640If I claimed to “know,” what that mythic story would be, I would be inaccurate, because a more accurate experience of a Uranian event is that it comes “out of the unknown,” or is “unseen,” until it manifests, like a miracle.

May we all LOOK closely at the events and mythic happenings this week, for clues about the next seven years of URANUS in Taurus.woman-2714100_640

When Uranus moved into Aries, in 2011, Fukushima came into our awareness and the realities of toxic waste and assault on the earth were items to examine for all of us, if we were watching or paying attention. Now in Taurus, more of the effects of that may be “seen in the earth.” As well, we may see “miracles,” in response to the destructive consciousness, the miracle intelligence that rises to meet the destruction, may occur as miracle-conscious-URANUS enters innocent, simple-earth-based Taurus.

dinosaur-1729276_640THE FULL MOON TRINES MARS [1:29 pm pdt/ 2:29 pm mdt/ 3:29 pm cdt/ 4:29 pm edt] from Taurus to Capricorn. Mars has been hanging out with PLUTO, adding volatility to all our interactions! We’ve been clearing all the bullshit out of the pockets of our consciousness. (doing it for each other too!) Now we are entering Taurus, where bull shit is on the ground, not in the air anymore, like Trump’s ego was. (sorry he’s become a mythic reference for a collective shift in consciousness).

MOON leaves the 14 minute VOID to enter Gemini. (New Moon is at the very end of Taurus, so it leave the sign quickly after) to enter the light-hearted Gemini. [1:43 pm pdt/ 2:43 pm mdt/ 3:43 pm cdt/ 4:43 pm edt]

highway-1761627_640There are a few different elemental shifts today: MARS also changes signs from earthy Capricorn to airy Aquarius. [9:55 pm pdt/ 10:55 pm mdt/ 11:55 pm cdt/ 12:55 am late night edt] So there may be some paradoxical re-balancing going on between mind, thought and manifestation, earth.

mother-3166232_640Well this is one of the wildest New Moons of the century–I’m curious and watching to see what might happen next! Happy Wild New Moon to you, may we re-wild with Uranus in Taurus, connecting to the heart of the earth.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note:
We are excited for radical shifts, as the care-taker for one intact family of wolf-dogs, we are in the middle of a transition to our best “Taurian,” land location! Donations appreciated!

In the astrological area: will have exciting news coming just after Uranus enters Taurus. Stay tuned!