May 14, 2018 – Dark Moon Monday

fantasy-3299901_640MOON TRINE SATURN [1:58 am pdt/ 2:58 am mdt/ 3:58 am cdt/ 4:58 am edt] offers grounding this morning. It offers a dark moon, deep out-breath, cleansing of ages.
In one day, one out-breath, we release the anger, the misused power and the happenstance leadership from our minds. We are grounding into new energies of a new earth. They are grounding us and we are grounding them into a new earth. bear-2172523_640This dark moon day has trines of grace, and in the darkest final day of any lunar cycle, it is simply LOW ENERGY. Its an outbreath, release. awwwwwwwoooooooooooo. ahhhhhhhh. May we all outbreath together the old era shit that has hurt us, held us back, disappointed us, or simply been “of the dying past,” outbreath, aoooowwwwooooo. ahhhhh. (howling outbreath).

The MOON is in Taurus, heading toward the New Moon in Taurus, planting and harvesting seeds in the dark now just before the new revolution arrives.

constellation-3301780_640This area of earthy Taurus is about to have Uranus move into it.
From 7 years of Uranus in Aries: 2011-2018, now the wild lightning and Enlightening planet makes its way from fire to earth. Leadership to Money and Resources. The Self, to what we possess, and our resources and gifts that we share. Our art, heart, and feet, dancing upon the earth. Uranus may also “shake up” the earth.

night-2868370_640Those near fault lines and areas where natural disasters are possible may want to beware and prepare as URANUS is heading there, (into Taurian ground-feet-earth)–in a state of “wake-up,” shake up and revolution just beginning now. Seven years coming of this earth-based shake-up of dense energies, for lighter energies to come on in. Shake up wake up! Taurian earth! Here comes a new revolution!

More Grace in the Dark; MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [2:45 pm pdt/ 3:45 pm mdt/ 4:45 pm cdt/ 5:45 pm edt] Earthy Moon to Neptune in Pisces. May we listen to the ascended ones who have gone before us.

lantern-2938027_640MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [6:08 pm pdt/ 7:08 pm mdt/ 8:08 pm cdt/ 9:08 pm edt] is a portal of opening opportunity. Jupiter even in opposition is often insight, revelation and opening. Upliftment is in Jupiter’s contact nomatter what shape the contact makes. Jupiter shines a light into dark corners and lifts them up into the light.

kind-3079068_640MOON TRINE PLUTO [11:06 pm pdt/ 12:06 am mdt (late night)/ 1:06 am cdt/ 2:06 am edt] is harmony on the last day of clearing and balancing power cycle. May we feel the universe’s divine way of “balancing power” throughout this last cycle. We ARE in the hands of the divine. Never forgotten even in the lowest darkest moment of the end of a cycle. Held by the soul of the world–we are held . . . by the soul of the world.
. . . . . . . 

penguin-1897051_640Sing it ! It is well, it is well, with my soul! Held by the soul of the world, I can rest in the hands, of the soul of the world. The soul of the world has me! dee dee dee.
. . . . .

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