May 13, 2018 – Wild Mama’s Day – BreakThrough, Humor, Uncomfortable Miracles

lightning-bolt-768801_640MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS [3:49 am pst/ 4:49 am mst/ 5:49 am cst/ 6:49 pm est] brings in the energy of humor and breakthough, the truly wild and miracle-level-power.  This is a good aspect to describe itself as “conjure,” what do you “conjure today,” if you can choose, what do you conjure? a cleansing bath for the end of the lunar cycle. A release of all old chains? A breakthrough in perception?

MERCURY departs Aries and enters Taurus, [5:40 am pst/ 6:40 am mst/ 7:40 am cst/ 8:40 am est] the little miracle-maker-through-intentional-thought, Mercury the mouth and mind, is stepping across that line from Aries to Taurus. Mercury is preparing us and leading the way for URANUS to go from Aries to Taurus as it will on the New Moon on the 15th of May. This is a big shift! As a result of that shift on the NEW MOON, its an important new moon for shifting each one. (this whole upcoming cycle is a shift cycle). 

This NEW MOON, coming with that URANIAN transition from Fire to Earth,MagicalButterflyWomancould lightning strike some changes!Between now and then, a lot is unwinding, percolating, and preparing for this powerful shift new moon coming.

MOON SQUARE MARS [9:31 am pst/ 10:31 mst/ 11:31 cst/ 12:31 pm est] is a corner of right action. Dignity in right action brings harmony and respect. Improper words or actions bring anger or drama.

flamingo-3322280_640MOON CONJUNCT URANUS
[11:05 am pst] and MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [11:57 am pst] are almost as poignent as the NEW MOON coming on the 15th. This is a moment of “preparing,” or receiving the miracle that is coming at the new moon, in advance. These aspects are “wild,” like crazy dancing, laughing humor or taming bull-riders with chocolate kisses. 

Believe and we shall receive!
. . . . .

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