May 12, 2018 – Fire Watch, Love Reunion

MOON in Aries, Mars’ sign, brings a fiery corner day, transition, and some work, action and care with communications.

action-2277292_640MERCURY SQUARE MARS [6:30 am pst/ 7:30 am mst/ 8:30 am cst/ 9:30 am est] is the corner that asks us to handle our mouth with care and do the work required to be a “superior man,” a term used in the I-ching, for someone who follows their “highest self” with intent and followed action.beyond-3265854_640

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [7:54 pm pst/ 8:54 pm mst/ 9:54 pm cst/ 10:54 pm est] in the evening is another corner of communications, comfort-challenge, and/or transition of home-base.

cactus-3390635_640MOON SEXTILE VENUS [10:01 pm pst/ 11:01 pm mst/ 12:01 am cst/ 1:01 am est late night] is a late night flowering moment of communion, harmony and creativity.
May we handle all cross-roads with care, watch our foot-mouth connection and carry on into the mystery, even when its uncomfortable, its just a step on the path.