May 11, 2018 – Another Powerful Creative Day!

women-697928_640MOON SEXTILE MARS in the pre-dawn hours, entering the VOID in our sleep. MOON enters Mars’ sign Aries, [5:40 am pst] in the early morning, setting the day off into a springtime, active day of divine leadership and sacred right action.

moon-478982_640The MOON is waning, coming off of a FULL MOON in Scorpio, which is still a cycle of deep shadow clearing, clearing more dense energy that inhibits us from rising like the eagle. It is also a cycle of balancing power. As the MOON wanes, we are still making adjustments in our “right use of power,” and balance of power in our lives.

sun-flower-3387879_640SUN TRINE PLUTO [4:10 am pst/ 5:10 am mst/ 6:10 am cst/ 7:10 am est] is a power aspect. Evolution, growth and rising toward the light regarding personal power and expression.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [9:35 pm pst/ 10:35 am mst/ 11:35 am cst/ 12:35 pm est] Is a challenge in overcoming limitation or meeting responsibilities. Humility and authentic work solve problems.

fern-3360828_640VENUS INCONJUNCT PLUTO [10:05 pm pst/ 11:05 pm mst/ 12:05 am cst/ 1:05 pm est]; is a time to allow the shadow pieces to keep falling off as our creative self emerges innocently; even if unknown, insecure or timid; our creative loving innocent heart still holds the keys. Cleansing shadow; adjusting power dynamics; these tasks require divine assistance. The REAL power is in collaboration with the divine for our next steps.

May we have the humility and courage to listen hear and collaborate with the divine for our next steps. 
. . . . . .

Author’s Note: the blog delivery timing is a day off; go to the website for TODAYS blog; this is yesterday.
Wolf Update: Alpha Female Lomi had a litter this spring, after not having her own puppies for a few years.  Here she is spending time with the three puppies still with her. (one has the traditional red wolf coloring, from her original red wolf mother). Two of her puppies (white wolf puppies) were adopted out to some people who helped us for a few weeks. Those puppies now form their own pack with an unusual community of healers.

We are in the middle of moving and its a delicate situation, always while moving. All support, prayers and donations appreciated!