May 10, 2018 – one of the most creative power days – in the peaceful waning moon

Today is still spacey and fluid for many of us with the MOON still in Pisces. Pisces likes to dissolve the stress of the detailed needs to act, inviting a being to rest in the beauty in ones boat flowing down the sacred river of life.

JUPITER is a strong influence today for a few reasons; One: the MOON TRINE JUPITER [7:26 am pst/ 8:26 am mst/ 9:26 am cst/ 10:26 am est] so it’s an uplifted expansion-oriented day. It’s a day to shine a flashlight in all the dark corners and have tea with Ganesh.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [9:44 am pst/ 10:44 am mst/ 11:44 am cst/ 12:44 pm est] Some women like to get into deep hard work together; on a day like today; and some women or (reference points of perceptual consciousness) just don’t like each other; perceive differently or clash beliefs. It’s ok. Earth supports and accepts a diversity of creative impulses.

SUN SEXTILES MOON [10:56 am pst/ 11:56 am mst/ 12:56 pm cst/ 1:56 pm est] for masculine feminine archetypal harmony. Hooray!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO; [1:13 pm pst/ 2:13 pm mst/ 3:13 pm cst/ 4:13 pm est] is a supportive aspect for feeling centered in our own power.

May the energetic gifts of the day be a remedy for all the pains or inadequacies of the days before. May we take hold of our creative tail and ride it today!