May 8, 2018 – Growl, Laugh, Swim and Bubble

tiger-655593_640MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [5:50 am pst/ 6:50 am mst/ 7:50 am cst/ 8:50 am est] Morning coffe or tea is really good this morning. Its lively and chatty and visionary. Time to have phone time with an old good friend or a new business client.

SUN OPPOSITE JUPITER [5:39 pm pst/ 6:39 pm mst/ 7:39 pm cst/ 8:39 pm est] is a FULL MONTYpeaceful-1067602_640 expression, expansion and wheel of fortune, changes. Jump on the wheel of life and it changes, you change, we all change together!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS -[7:29 pm pst/ 8:29 pm mst/ 9:29 pm cst/ 10:29 pm est]: is a home run, good luck at sunset; a nice time for a gentle evening jog; or brisk walk around a lake.

With this aspect: fish-3217631_640 (1)MOON becomes VOID for just under an hour. 

MOON enters Pisces, from air to water, [8:11 pm pst/ 9:11 pm mst/ 10:11 pm cst/ 11:11 pm est] from fluid and fixed air, to watery wisdom.

May we be like a fish, swimming our way into our most comfortable part of the ocean!