May 7, 2018 – Death and Rebirth, Active Shift

persephone-1397228_640MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO [1:52 am pst] happens in the middle of the night and in our dreams we might be Persephone waking down all the steps to the underworld and back. Or perhaps she gets left down there for a day, or perhaps she climbs out, finally forever after, or perhaps she climbs out only to return each winter.

 [2:58 pm pst] is a cotton candy
square. Its one of those moments when our emotions might call us to eat candy, chocolate or mashed potatoes.dandelion-3212292_640Its better not to do that. Its better to feel the uncomfortable feelings and drink a healthy green drink while walking on the beach, or a mountain path by a river, tossing pebbles into the water for each grief or sadness from the past, allowing the water to carry it away, blessing all those involved. As we head toward more newness.

MOON in Aquarius TRINES VENUS in Gemini [4:25 pm pst] for a creative feminine energy that harmonizes , sings and plays music to find solutions. leaf-3151529_640These higher vibrational arts are just what the doctor of time ordered to balance the rest of the work-oriented squares of today.

SUN SQUARE MOON [at 7:09 pm pst/ 8:09 pm mst/ 9:09 pm cst/ 10:09 pm est] is the last quarter square, a week after the last FULL MOON in power-struggle-remedy-Scorpio. Now stepping down to the final last quarter in this lunar cycle. Moon waning, now on the dark peaceful unwinding side. Time to aim toward completion of this cycle, and cleansing.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [9:11 pm pst/ 10:11 pm mst/ 11:11 pm cst/ 12:11 am late night est] is a streeeee-t-c-h, like stretching arms toward the sky, and feet toward the earth, stretching ourselves into the divine and into the earth. This aspect brings good work and abundance. nature-3175539_640

Tomorrow is a big change day, its a JUPITER SUN contact, and a sunrise within ourselves.

. . . .