May 3, 2018 – Miracle Trine in a Window of Recovering Power Struggle

lightning-962789_640We are still experiencing the learning and refocusing repurcussions and calls from the Scorpio FULL MOON of power balancing, seeing power dynamics and renewing balanced power.

Today the MOON is just past Scorpio in Arrow-aiming-higher-minded-at-best-Sagittarius. Humor and the lowest dumb-minds are the other side of Sag–Trump has the sign somewhere. Though Sag and the mind are just flute’s for the consciousness pouring through them, for the arrow can be aimed anywhere, filled with anything. We are the archers here. We have more power than we realize and today is a day when the imaginal world and the physical world are intimately connected and miracles can arise like the sun or like lightning striking fresh into the soil with new light, new life and a needed miracle.

fire-1176510_640MOON in fire Sag TRINES URANUS at the end of Aries. [5:50 pm pst, sending the MOON into the VOID, in between time after that for rest this evening] This TRINE is a miracle-receiving-trine, for Uranus has the power to bring instant manifestation to our mental and heart-driven clarity.

At the end of the day, from the exciting fiery miracle weather, changeable, and risky, yet open to new arrivals, MOON grounds into Capricorn, stabilizing us from the emotional waters of Scorpio, and the fiery transforming energy of Sagittarius, into the calming, steadying earth–Capricorn for

May this third day of May be the change you needed. May it be the miracle-making day that was called for, just in time.

. . . . .
Author’s Note:
We moved some more animals yesterday, but not all of them would load up with us. Who would want to leave the wilderness for a vehicle? Even with lamb bones inside? Everything takes longer than I think it will. Prayers, Blessings and Donations for the new location appreciated. (in paypal)

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