May 2, 2018 – Full Heart of the MOON, Communications, Paddling into the Unknown

fire-298115_640Today MOON is in fiery Sagittarius and her arrows are in her pocket, gently. MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [2:29 am pst/ 3:29 am mst/ 4:29 am cst/ 5:29 am est] is a full heart, post full moon. Its a tiny bit more gentle than the full moon in its “stretch,” and its still an open hearted stretch at best. Heart driven action, and heart-based movements, even if going where we cannot see.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [2:58 pm pst/ 3:58 pm mst/ 4:58 pm cst/ 5:58 pm est] is a communications harmony, and focus for grace.MonkeyCoverMouthCommunications today, bring grace when done well. Its up to us in how we use this skill and gift offered today. (sometimes that is NOT saying things we might have said). Communications are the basis of our heart’s creations. in this world right now, and the new one forming–it appears, and especially today.

[3:10 pm pst/ 4:10 pm mst/ 5:10 pm cst/ 6:10 pm est]. Can be prayer work. It is “unknown,”horseshoe-bend-CircleRiversometimes, or there is confusion, and waters are foggy or they are moving in directions we cannot see, or we are moving in a few directions at once, or we seem at odds with the direction the waters of life are flowing or any of the above in the NEPTUNE SQUARE, it is good to “let go of some of the details and needs to know everything today,” and go with the flow, even if awkward, just go where the openings are, go where the calls are, and be with the awkward unknown or confusion with graceful presence and communication skills along the way and the day is a river of grace, at a corner, maybe, yet grace.
. . . .

Author’s Note:
We thought we were moving yesterday, now today. Everything takes longer than I think it will. Prayers, Blessings and Donations for the new location appreciated. (in paypal)

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