April 29, 2018 – Full Moon in Scorpio ; oh My! Money; Sex; Power; All the Buttons

Sunday Morning ; Moon moves into Scorpio ; sign of this months full moon. This FULL MOON is TRINE and SEXTILE SATURN. So this power-dynamic-peak-Fullness offers practical steps to new forms. Pathways for death and rebirths to occur.

The most powerful Full Moon in Scorpio focus may be for and with each ones uniqueness; our pathways of change; of moving from one state of power to another liquid to solid or gas to liquid. If we feel we want more solidifying in our transformation ; this is the full moon for earth-based-grounding, and incarnation. Feet in the dirt. Hallelujah earth air water ; flowers!

This is a weekend of incarnating. Seed-planting; building. Saturn requests a blueprint upgrade from each one.

FULL MOON takes place at [5:58 pm pst/6:58 pm mst/ 7:58 pm cst/ 8:58 pm est]. SUN bright shining in Taurus: lights up the OPPOSITE MOON in Scorpio. Shadow clearing, healing, power-rebalancing.

April 28, 2018 –

MOON in Libra is SQUARING MARS and PLUTO ; reminiscing on the MARS PLUTO CONJUNCTION that occurred on Thursday early am.

There’s a LOT of big things going on. PLUTO has the intensity of seeming life death occurrences.

MOON OPPOSES URANUS late tonight [10:32 pm]. For more “chain-breaking” radical shifting. It’s a night for cross dressing while wailing the song “break the chains” and other freedom-loving songs.

Authors Note; we are in the middle of shepherding this canine family in the semi-wild area where they are for just a little longer; then moving to another wild area with a fence: THIS WEEKEND!! We need you support during ; a chaotic time of change for them ; they seem to already know what is going on so are poised for relocating again. They feel everything! Please contribute for assistance with fuel; truck rental and food and bones for the journey !




April 19, 2018 – Miracle-Making, Death Passages, Mind Challenges, Tests of Faith

Author’s Note: Star Weather Whale apologizes for our absence during this incredible time! (the last week or so). We are back now.

I will write more about some of these shifts in future blogs–or the days they happened in “retrospect,” and as intelligent place-markers for large archetypal shifts.

On the very Uranian NEW MOON in Aries, on April 15th, Mercury also went direct that day, as well. MERCURY’s RETROGRADE cycle, though mercury has gone direct, will continue to be in an alchemical process for the three weeks after it goes direct as it travels each of those retrograded degrees, back to where it first went retro. This whole process is extremely inner-mind-higher-mind-oriented, change time. It is also a time that can “test our faith,” and ask us to hold our visions and inner truths above the often opposite reflections that can come in the face of authenticity these days.

The NEW MOON of this cycle we currently travel, began with a PLUTO SQUARE, offering gateways and openings for death and rebirth of all kinds. For each his/her own kind of gateway passage, appropriate to what and where each one is on this journey. The PLUTO energy comes in more strongly THIS WEEKEND, as PLUTO is already slowing down to STATION, on Sunday, April 22nd and [8:25 am pst]. This Stationing time – this weekend – is a DEATH/REBIRTH GATEWAY. It is a time to be vigilant, focused, and intimate with inner guidance. We want to surrender to appropriate deaths, and protect the innocent from “inappropriate-to-the-soul-or-being” threats of death, providing passages for rebirth instead.

VENUS OPPOSED JUPITER on the 16th of April–still in effect now, opening new opportunities for a more refined, creative, and affectionate way of being for each one. A Wheel of Fortune archetype.

CHIRON CHANGED SIGNS at [1:11 am pst] on April 17th. This deserves a much longer article, (coming). It moved from Pisces to Aries and this can be felt as quite a shift. More on this, simply knowing its a big shift in the area of self-healing and the larger collective healing, healing especially in areas of leadership, independence (or not), and the artemis and warrior archetypes within us all.

On CHIRON’s Sign-change-day, SATURN also STATIONED to go RETROGRADE (we often have outer planet retrograde summer seasons). This Saturn Retrograde also deserves a longer article! Its retro in its own sign of Capricorn. Here’s the Father within and all that inner work, so alchemical are those retro’s.

SUN CONJUNCT URANUS [7am] on April 18th, is an opening for miracles, and freedom from all kinds of things that are or have been “overly containing us,” especially if “inappropriate to the soul,” or higher intent of the higher self. The higher self will win during this time, so lets invite her. (him). and listen well. Miracles are afoot. We are their hands and feet.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [7:10 am pst] is a threshold of sleepiness, and a need to walk in the unknown, or work with confusion or doubt or fluidity. We are challenged to access our Neptunian work today in some way. Water anyone?

SUN enters TAURUS from fire Aries where Mercury is still retrograding. [8:12 pm pst] This shift from the retrograding fire area to the solid earth is grounding and a relief for many water and earthy types, however really for all of us.

MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO coming on April 26th. is something to prepare for. It has the most potential for violence or great miraculous powerful events that change things, shape us or history or require heroic or empowered action in response. May we be vigilant.

AUthor’s Note: 
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April 10, 2018 – So Many Feelings, May we Enjoy Embodiment


SUN SEXTILE MOON [6:11 pm pdt]  for harmony between receptive and directive, this evening.


SUN SQUARE PLUTO [9:54 pm pdt]

VENUS TRINE MARS [11:02 pm pdt] Oh how nice when VENUS trines MARS, it can feel like we line up in the stars. The planets have fun male and female align, and we all thing the world is divine.

May we bring the divine deeper into the earth plane, by aligning with each other in ways that will provide context to bring about the world we all soulfully desire.