April 6, 2018 – WILD PONY MORNING into earthy day and evening

horse-331995_640MOON TRINES URANUS [6:36 am pdt] sending the Sagittarius moon, into the VOID between signs. This is the wild in the morning. Uranian energy likes to be wild and play alive.

MOON into Capricorn, [11:01 am pdt], leaving the wild void and landing in systemetized stable Capricorn (usually stable, though Pluto has been moving through, creating more incredible things than are normally in capricorn), things like collapses and renovations. Dismemberments and re-associations.

As this cycle wanes, and we peacefully unwind, there is a VENUS SATURN CONJUNCTION tomorrow, so a good time to tend to our creative work, restructuring and setting new goals.
. . . .
May all the energies of life, conspire for your joy and happiness!