March 31, 2018 – FULL MOON in Aries – Partnershift Point Within

dog-1596920_640The FULL MOON in Aries highlights all the dynamics of “ourselves and others,” our independence or codependence, or interconnectedness with all of the rest of the social fabric. How do we “escape the social fabric,” and how do we engage with it?

MERCURY is still RETROGRADE through Tax-Day-April 15th, when it stations to go direct, making for a confusing, circular tax season. This is a good tax season to find new “loopholes,” new deductions, or new government benefits that assist you, instead of take from you. Its a good time to change from one tax status to another, to go back and ask for old refunds on old mistakes, or collect old debts. If you owe what you think is “too much money,” anywhere, ask the Mercury-Retrograde-Master-Angels (those who work in the invisible world as your ally who connect with planetary and/or what we can call “zodiacal energies.”mountain-goats-1156056_640

These Zodiacal energies are your friend. They want to see you thrive, create, heal, regenerate, enliven, wake up, get happy and collaborate with others. They are benevolent helpers and you can ask for help, guidance and receive it. Asking, intending, wanting to know how is the first step to any miracle.

MOON SQUARE MARS [12:12 am pdt/ 1:12 am mdt/ 2:12 am cdt/ 3:12 am edt] is a middle of the night movement. Did you wake up and need to do jumping jacks? Are you called to fearlessly leap from one state, one place, or one job to another?

MOON SQUARE SATURN [2:22 am pdt/ 3:22 am mdt/ 4:22 am cdt/ 5:22 am edt] Springtime ushers transitions. From seed to breaking the shell open and growing toward the light, pushing through rocks, shit, compost and dark matter, to get to the light that nourishes. We have to do that too. we have to move, push, reach, intend and stretch toward our future manifestations, before they arrive.goat-608286_640They arrive on the hands of our stretches, reaches and intentions for them, in time, not always when we want them, especially in these crazy times, however our patience and clarity brings our next steps into view. Saturn Loves Patience and Clarity. Clear intention on the foundation of patience is a good Saturn elixir for success.

MOON in Aries OPPOSITE SUN in Libra (FULL MOON)–happens as the saturday morning arrives. [5:37 am pdt/ 6:37 am mdt/ 7:37 am cdt/ 8:37 am edt] Good Full Moon Morning!

This is a cycle peak point and shift point. The peak of “fruition of energy expansion to the peak,” as well as a shift from the waxing light side of the cycle to the waning light side. The light in this spring cycle now wanes gently unfolding down to the New Moon on April 15th. New Moon and Mercury Direct!

woman-639420_640Deep blessings in this FULL MOON light. May all imbalances, illnesses, incompletions, heart-breaks, and overcomings, be strong and clear. May our inner fire burn away all past limiting karma, past limiting beliefs, and free us from oppressive ways of living. May we allow the zodiacal energies to lift us up into our clear intentions. May we be clear.
. . . . .

Author’s Note: HAPPY FULL MOON everyone! Happy FULLNESS, happy shift point, Happy intend what you need to be clear about right now. Love, from the stars, the astrologer and the wolf pack. Readings have been ultra powerful lately. Maybe its Mercury Retrograde, rooting from the past and growing into the future, like a spiralling solution circler. Connect about readings by e-mailing:

Readings are sliding scale from $50-$200. Scheduled by phone at 11am mdt or 10 pm mdt (especially for those in other countries far away).

Donations to the wolf pack immediately:
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March 30, 2018 – The Artist, Sculptor and LIfe Romantic Within

man-3230661_640MOON enters Libra, [10:52 am pdt/ 11:52 am mdt/ 12:52 pm cdt/ 1:52 pm edt] where our psyche is reminded of the benefit of joining, bonding, partnering and assisting one-another, like arm-in-arm-rejoicers of life and living, and the way we are each here to be a part of something larger–human experience at this time–in this crossing place.

Not every day is so artsy, so romantic, as this one. MOON in Libra, and VENUS entering Taurus, [9:54 pm pdt/ 10:54 pm mdt/ 11:54 pm cdt/ 12:54 am late night edt] earthy, grounded, feet to earth-loving-solid creatures of body.

sunset-3225828_640Our bodies are beautiful, not because we appear in vogue or seventeen magazine, but because we are spirit in matter, expressing as life. That is beautiful to be a part of a living forest, a living earth. To inhabit such physical incarnation as a spiritual force is magnificent and at its best, it is a high art. Taurus and Libra both celebrate life as art, whether loving to talk about it or loving to touch it and live it, we are here for this encounter, spirit to matter, as uniquely creative as our own self can
Grounded, elegant, radiant, colorful, textured, and alive–interconnected with the rest of the living fabric. What a magnificent presence we are inhabiting. What an opportunity for recognition of beauty, the sacred and the power of art.
. . . . .

May the magnificence of being human, living, part of a living fabric, take more power in your attention today,liverwort-3159876_640than the little irritations and deadlines of the matrix. Ignore the money-based-over-stressed-over-demanding-matrix-monster in people and remind them of their beauty, and yours.

March 29, 2018 – Work, Swim, Transform, Expand, Change the work, Repeat

lego-blocks-2458575_640SUN SQUARE SATURN [7:16 am pdt] offers a corner for re-organization and a work upgrade or re-alignment.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [8:49 am pdt] is for swimming. Its literally a good day to go swimming, stroking the water, moving it about within and without. body-of-water-3268246_640
MOON TRINE PLUTO [7:35 pm pdt] is an aspect of power and self-driven transformation by choice.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [9:59 pm pdt] is an expansion, that comes after a day of good work and water-honoring-swimming. woman-3214594_640The days aspects are full of power, feeling, change and good work well done. May the day unfold like a true earth-warrior-day. We are here, walking our path of not only our daily “work,” but the “greater work,” that each soul has etched within our heart. Deep blessings to your journey upon the path of “the great work,” whatever that is for you!!
. . . . . .
dog-610069_640Author’s Note: I’m delivering a bunch of bones today to the pack–this will be very exciting. It took me a few days to gather up enough so the whole pack can be treated with this soothing, nourishing gift. After delivering to the pack, I’ll be off to a wilderness area, several hours from where we are now, to explore possible locations for the pack for the summer. In the summer its easier for myself and or other wolf caretakers to live “in the middle of nowhere,” like in a cabin, and for them to be more free, in certain areas. I’m exploring one possible area today!
Donations for the wolf pack appreciated!

March 28, 2018 – Female Revolution, Money Break-through

star-1096935_1280MOON TRINES the VENUS/URANUS CONJUNCTION in the middle of the night, offering a strange revolutionary happiness, that may be unexplainable.

MOON departs Leo, entering detail-oriented Virgo [at 7:30 am pdt/ 8:30 am mdt/ 9:30 am cdt/ 10:30 am edt]. Now for getting down to the nittiest of details.

angel-2437942_640VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS, the revolutionary aspect of the day, [5:47 pm pdt/ 6:47 pm mdt/ 7:47 pm cdt/ 8:47 pm edt] is a breakthrough aspect for the feminine, for money, and for our heart’s desires. We are here to be free, to be creative and to love.

MOON TRINE MARS [6:24 pm pdt/ 7:24 pm mdt/ 8:24 pm cdt/ 9:24 pm edt] is a high energy evening–time to excersize!

woman-3084129_640 (1)MOON TRINE SATURN
[10:30 pm pdt/ 11:30 pm mdt/ 12:30 am cdt/ 1:30 am late night edt] –well if you are one of those late-night-workers, a writer or computer programmer who stays up late at night working–this is a good night for that! Otherwise, all of us will accomplish great things with every little detail this night, even in our dreams.

Heading toward a SUN SQUARE SATURN, (early tomorrow am)–we may feel a work stress, or transition stress. This will pass after tomorrow morning. We are called to complete our work.
. . . . .

Author’s Note: I’m heading to a new NM wilderness area: to look around out there! I’m excited about possibly living close enough to the national forest, that the wolves can run in it at dawn and at dusk as they love! The Gila wilderness is the home of the mexican grey wolf re-introduction program and other wolf-protecting programs.
Donations for our next wilderness pack relocation project! We are so grateful for your support. We are preparing to purchase a transport vehicle, and put money down on the next rental–bordering national forest. Prayers for grace in our location shift now.

March 27, 2018 – Fire Creativity and Communications Expansion

sea-lion-828794_640MOON still in fiery Grrrrrowling Leo, TRINE MERCURY RETROGRADING, [7:09 am pdt/ 8:09 am mdt/ 9:09 pm cdt/ 10:09 am edt] we may not understand, where we are going, and it may appear we are moving “backward,” and on some level we may be, however there is a LOT happening that is unseen.

MERCURY RETROGRADE is a good time to reach into the past and send thank you’s and hello’s, I love you’s and check in’s. sometimes treasures or lost gifts pop up like bunnies from an old hat.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [7:04 pm pdt/ 8:04 pm mdt/ 9:04 pm cdt/ 10:04 edt] Leo to Scorpio. Across the fixed signs, fire to water, expression, communication, expansion. Jupiter brings good luck. Its good to communicate what we need to communicate with others.

. . . . . .

Author’s Note: Happy Spring! its that windy seedy season of change. We are all stirred up too, moving and seeking the next location. I felt overwhelmed for a few days recently as if I couldn’t go on, and got through it. That is also a springtime sensation, oh my goddess this dirt is hard to push through, says the seed, to get to the sun! Donations always needed for the wolf pack! Thank You!