March 30, 2018 – The Artist, Sculptor and LIfe Romantic Within

man-3230661_640MOON enters Libra, [10:52 am pdt/ 11:52 am mdt/ 12:52 pm cdt/ 1:52 pm edt] where our psyche is reminded of the benefit of joining, bonding, partnering and assisting one-another, like arm-in-arm-rejoicers of life and living, and the way we are each here to be a part of something larger–human experience at this time–in this crossing place.

Not every day is so artsy, so romantic, as this one. MOON in Libra, and VENUS entering Taurus, [9:54 pm pdt/ 10:54 pm mdt/ 11:54 pm cdt/ 12:54 am late night edt] earthy, grounded, feet to earth-loving-solid creatures of body.

sunset-3225828_640Our bodies are beautiful, not because we appear in vogue or seventeen magazine, but because we are spirit in matter, expressing as life. That is beautiful to be a part of a living forest, a living earth. To inhabit such physical incarnation as a spiritual force is magnificent and at its best, it is a high art. Taurus and Libra both celebrate life as art, whether loving to talk about it or loving to touch it and live it, we are here for this encounter, spirit to matter, as uniquely creative as our own self can
Grounded, elegant, radiant, colorful, textured, and alive–interconnected with the rest of the living fabric. What a magnificent presence we are inhabiting. What an opportunity for recognition of beauty, the sacred and the power of art.
. . . . .

May the magnificence of being human, living, part of a living fabric, take more power in your attention today,liverwort-3159876_640than the little irritations and deadlines of the matrix. Ignore the money-based-over-stressed-over-demanding-matrix-monster in people and remind them of their beauty, and yours.